Lego Santa Set £6.99 @ Argos

Lego Santa Set £6.99 @ Argos

Here's the perfect Christmas gift for a Lego fan - this Lego Santa Set is just £6.99 at Argos, and it's selling fast!

The Lego Santa has moveable arms, and he's sat in a big buildable chair ready to give out gifts (or take a rest after all his hard work!). This is a retired set, so once stock is gone, that's it.

It's recommended for children aged 7+, though that's based on Lego building ability rather than anything else. It's not suitable for children under three due to small parts, and under 7s may need a little help to build it.

Reserve and collect is free of charge, or home delivery costs £3.95.

Thanks to sam_brackley

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  • Aimee W.

    good for rhyse :relaxed::santa:

  • Candice L.

    Need to get one for Christmas eve box xxx

  • Lauren W.

    :grinning: saw them at legoland x

  • Cecilia F.

    Sainsbury have Halloween ones too

    • Shayne R.

      I got one earlier for my son.

  • Donna K.

    out of stock for delivery and collection everywhere nr me

    • Donna K.

      loughton in essex but tried heaps of places nearby - only place is waltham cross but i cant get there :(

  • Allyson K.

    Yes this is what i picked up today :grin::grin:

  • Stephanie C.

    Got them in stock in Chip! X

  • Claire B.

    Oooh I defo want this. Not for the children but for actual decoration!

  • Linzi B.

    I deffo have to get this for him x

  • Nikki J.

    Ooh I know a little someone who will love this!!!

  • Carolyne S.

    These are cute.....think the kids will need bigger stockings with all the gifts I keep seeing lol xx

  • Jo B.

    So cool! I need one! :smile::christmas_tree:

  • Lisa B.

    Ooh thank you will have a look xx

  • Liz A.

    Omg he’d actually love that!! Xx

  • Natalie T.

    Saw these earlier, definitely getting him one xxx

  • Lizzy S.

    How ace for the Christmas eve box x

  • Laura F.

    That’s last years set, I already have it

  • Leah P.

    Gutted out of stock everywhere! Would've been ideal for Xmas eve box :disappointed:

  • Andrea C.

    Ordered 2 collect at Alnwick at weekend. Sold out all local stores!!!

  • Laura D.

    They have them in stock in an Argos by mine x

  • Louisa S.

    Still available in Bolton and Chorley x

  • Sam H.

    And me. Im getting them for xmas eve box too x

  • Holly M.

    Love these! Will keep an eye out!x

  • Charlie E.

    Yes, I want Lego Christmas to be my theme in the classroom haha x

  • Toni D.

    in stock sunderland and ashington for anyone this way x

  • Joanne S.

    I want one never mind the kids lol xx

  • Kristy P.

    I quite like that myself :smiley: I'll have a look. Thank you xx

  • Louise H.

    ooooh im getting one of those on payday. so cute

  • Nicola D.

    Ooh need and want now :scream:

  • Lisa R.

    oh really i need to get one it looks so cool

  • Janine N.

    oh wow .. will have a look

  • Hayley S.

    They have stock in catford x

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