LEGO Party Invitations

Lego Party Invites


Ah Lego. When you're not trodding on it, it's quite fun and the kids do love it. It's a vehicle for imagination and I'm okay with it because  I know it's helping them develop life skills along the way.  And LEGO does make for a great party theme too!

Looking at invitations, there are three commonly followed themes for LEGO party invitations - printed, paper crafts and LEGO pieces. I love how creative mums can get for their kids! It's so lovely!

The pictures above consist of either 3D block arrangements, which I think look brilliant, or turning a block into an invitation, which is really cute too. I love the big picture, with the interactive paper brick, although I suspect that would be a fair bit of work! Then there are the trademark MiniFig heads in their various interpretations- the first square one bottom left is actually a party bag, but I think it could make a good invite too - insides and those with the rounded corners. You need a printer, scissors and a bit of time and they'd be great!

Lego Party Invites

For those of us with less time, Amazon do a range of Lego invitations, including ones you can personalise, but sadly I couldn't find any for Duplo.

PicMonkey Collage2If you have a bit more money to throw around, you can use the bricks themselves. I just love the pillowbox invitations. They are brilliant and so professional looking. The pillowboxes* can be found for about 77p each and all you need is a few bricks and a printer. Love that!

A bit less work but equally as effective, the LEGO bricks can be the invitation itself. I'd probably glue them together, but at the same time, you can probably put them in a pillow box or envelope and let your recipients build their own invitation. Or, like the last picture, print off some LEGO men, and stand them up on bricks.

Have you seen or used other LEGO invitation ideas?


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