LEGO Nijago Clock £12.97 (All In) @ Lego Watches

Lego Watches are selling this LEGO Ninjago clock for £12.97, all in - the price without delivery is £7.99, but you can't collect it so you have no choice but to pay the £4.68 delivery charge. However, the original full price of this LEGO Ninjago clock is £23.99 so, even with postage to pay, it's still a good deal.

PLEASE don't tell my youngest son about this LEGO Ninjago clock, I'll never hear the end of it! I bought him a LEGO Star Wars Darth Vadar clock for Christmas a couple of years ago and he loves it (after spotting Darth Vadar before he was wrapped up and declaring: "I don't like alarm clocks!").

He's also a massive LEGO Ninjago fan and trying to reason that he already has a LEGO alarm clock, so doesn't need another one, won't wash: "But I don't have a LEGO Ninjago alarm clock..." Which is true, there's no denying that and leaves nowhere to go after that, other than to Lego Watches.

The spec is as follows:

  • 9.5 inches tall
  • - Alarm clock
  • - Snooze function
  • - Fully adjustable
  • - LCD screen with backlight
  • - Battery included

Thanks to lauriexx1983 at HUKD

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