LEGO Minotaurus £8.75 @ Marks and Spencer

It's funny, you know - I still have a hard time getting my head around Marks and Sparks selling games, but sell games they do and they're currently selling the rather cool LEGO Minotaurus game for £8.75 instead of £17.50.

Based on the Minotaur legend, you have to get your knight(s) to the middle of the maze.  You build the basic maze with the LEGO pieces and then you block your opponents knight(s) by moving the walls of the maze, you can also send in the Minotaur who can move eight places at a time.

There are various ways to change up the game play to suit the time you have available to play and the ages of the little ones you're playing with; awesome, I'm buying it for Edward, my youngest son, but will have to brace myself for losing tantrums!

He loves to play games, you see, but only all the while he's winning and  OHHHHH the tears, tantrums and declarations of, "That's not FAIR!  I'm never playing with you AGAIN!" when he's not.

Edward loves all things LEGO, so even though he'll run the risk of losing this LEGO Minotaurus game I think he'd quite like it; it looks fun!

Thanks to rayne at HUKD

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