LEGO Lunch Box From £7.52 Delivered @ Amazon

LEGO Lunch Box From £7.52 Delivered @ Amazon

Oh these are COOL! We are a wee while away from the new school year but if you like to be organised then you may want to grab one of these LEGO Lunch Boxes from Amazon. Normally, you would expect to pay around £12 for one of these but they are from just £7.52 at Amazon. The price depends on the colour you pick.

Here are the colours available: Blue*£7.74 Delivered from abm_home-deals, Black* £14.52 Green*£7.99, Green (Light)* £12.55, Pink* £7.52 delivered from Genuine Providers, Red* £8.30, White*£9.99 and Yellow* £10/98 delivered from DigimediaUK.

These are a MUST for little LEGO fans and are a bit of fun to encourage them to eat at lunchtime.

Wondering how much you can fit in these? We have one and I put in an apple, sandwich, carton of juice and a small packet of crisps.

You can get matching Snack Boxes*from £4.99 and Drinks Bottles* too.

These are also handy for storing LEGO of course too, my boys have used them to take LEGO to Granny's house.


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