Lego Kickers Kids Shoes

20 February 2011

legoKickersKidsShoes If you're a regular PlayPennies reader then you'll know that we are rather big fans of Lego.

Some of us (Tamsin) also have a weakness for shoes, so you can imagine the delight if us all when these Lego Kickers kids shoes came to our attention.

You've got the iconicism of Lego combined with the cool of Kickers - seriously, what more could you ask for?

A cheaper price tag perhaps, but look on the bright side most of these Lego Kickers shoes are cheaper than most Lego sets.  That said, lots of them are on sale for close to half-price.

If they had grown-up ones I'd be sorely tempted myself, I think they're just a bit KEWL.

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  • janethomson
    They look so cute! I liked the pink one, girly girl things for little girls. Those are undoubtedly adorable shoes! Shoes for kids

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