LEGO Ideas Ship In A Bottle £69.99 Delivered @ LEGO Store

LEGO Ideas Ship In A Bottle £69.99

This has to be one of the coolest LEGO sets I have ever seen. I am talking about the LEGO Ideas Ship In A Bottle. Sure, it's not cheap at £69.99 delivered, but not only will it give you hours of pleasure building it, but it'll be a great focal point for any room in the house.

The LEGO Ideas Ship In A Bottle is highly detailed and features the captain’s quarters, 6 cannons, 3 masts, crow’s nest and printed sail elements.

Comes with a LEGO brick-built bottle, ship and a display stand. There's even a buildable cork for the bottle and a wax-seal-style element.

Suitable for children aged 10 and above. I think this is ideal for building with the kids, I know my 9 and 12 year old would enjoy doing this with me.

Contains 962 pieces.

Delivery is FREE of charge!

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  • Maria B.

    ! Connor would love this! x

  • Harvey N.

    ...mark would love this! Xx

  • Emma J.

    He’s deffo getting this

  • Robert T.

    It’s not my birthday for a while yet but great forward planning :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Sarah M.

    He LOVES Lego AND models of gallons and pirate ships in bottles. What more could he ask for than to have both in one toy! You can guess what he might be getting for his next birthday! :grin:

  • Anne F.

    Yeah this is already on joes birthday list

  • Iain G.

    Yep, I may have to get one :)

  • Tracey C.

    That or the Taj Mahal.....

  • Luke L.

    The designer for this is a member of the Lego group I'm in , it's a nice build x

  • Amy G.

    Kaydens already put it in his birthday list, trouble is we are running out of space to store it all!!

  • Rob H.

    That’s my birthday present sorted x

  • Ben A.

    Want it! Need to add it to my collection!

  • Karen H.

    Already ordered and coming as my Valentines Day pressie:-)

  • Kevin W.

    :) it's a bit small for the money though

  • Carmel E.

    I know seen it already it’s reit good!!!

  • Alison P.

    I’ll not show him until he’s finished the Porsche :joy: x

  • Simon D.

    I am quite tempted but I am starting to realise I have rather a lot of Lego :open_mouth:

  • Caroline W.

    Just showed this to Sam he said "happy days when am I getting it" I told him when he does £70 worth of jobs. He is currently hoovering through the house lol

  • Nicola H.

    Wicked that’s so cool x

  • Amanda G.

    I so have my eye on this!

  • Rachel M.

    We were talking about this the other day. How amazing though. X

  • Terri C.

    Just thought it looked cool!lol :joy:

  • Claire T.

    Literally looked at it yesterday.. haha

  • Jennifer P.

    oh wow that is pretty cool.

  • April-lee W.

    God I didn't check the price just looks cool lol

  • Tom W.

    It’s sooooo pretty! I’m really tempted but I’ve already got quite a lot in backlog waiting to be made :see_no_evil:

  • David H.

    This is on my wish list!!

  • Charlotte G.

    That’s valentines sorted

  • Penny P.

    I've already added it to my lego basket. Just deciding whether to check out!

  • Sarah D.

    Wow that’s well smart xx

  • Jan P.

    That’s so cool ... thanks Hun xxx

  • Kerry A.

    I used to love Lego when I was a kid, just rediscovering the joy of Lego as the girls keep getting bits now x

  • Jan P.

    Yep I love it and so do the boys xx

  • Zara C.

    I see this in the Lego shop in London today on display it’s brilliant and worth the money :blush:

  • Sophia D.

    He wanted this u saw the price tho :neutral_face:

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