Lego Ideas Book £8.86 @ Amazon

Lego Ideas Book £8.86 @ Amazon

Amazon are selling this Lego Ideas book for £8.86 instead of £16.99 - it's the cheapest price around at the moment, even The Book People can't compete, they're currently selling it for £13.59.

My youngest has a ton of LEGO bits and pieces and already makes up his own models so this is something that he'd probably like, due to his not wanting to always follow the LEGO 'rules' set out by the model designer.

The book contains over 500 different model ideas and has tips from expert LEGO builders on how to make your jet planes even more supersonic, create fabulous fortresses and all sorts.

The book is divided into six themed chapters - transport, buildings, space, kingdoms, adventure and 'useful makes' and having spent a little bit of time reading the reviews for this Lego Ideas book and there are two very distinct camps that owners of this Lego Ideas book fall into:

  1. It's rubbish because it doesn't have step-by-step instructions like the boxed models have and you'll need lots of bricks to build some of the models
  2. It's AWESOME! It provides inspiration for models and, because it doesn't have step-by-step instructions, allows for your own imagination and creativity to get to work rather than blindly following someone else's ideas
If you, sorry - if your child is likely to fall into camp number one then perhaps this isn't going to be a deal for you, but if they're more of a free Lego spirit then it's going to be great; a book for  under the Christmas tree perhaps..?

Happy Lego Building!


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