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I've written about this LEGO Ideas book a couple of times before, but not for a while - I think it's that good that I'm going to tell you about it again, ESPECIALLY as I've not seen it cheaper than this before: £2.99 instead of £16.99 - the usual discounted price we see it for is around the £4.99 mark.  

The Easter holidays are looming and if the weather's naff then this book and a box of LEGO might just save your sanity.  It features over 500 different model ideas and tips from expert LEGO builders on how to make your jet planes even more supersonic, create fabulous fortresses and all sorts - rather than step-by-step instructions.

My youngest has a ton of LEGO bits and pieces and already makes up his own models so this is something that he'd probably like, due to his not wanting to always follow the LEGO 'rules' set out by the model designer.

Opinion is divided among existing owners as to whether this book is rubbish or great: some think it's great as it allows you to be creative, with a little bit of help from the pros, and make your own models.  Others think it's rubbish because there aren't any specific instructions, and find that frustrating.

So if you have a LEGO free spirit then this is the book for you; if you don't, then it's probably not - you'll need to decide, but for £2.99, it's not going to be a financial train smash to find out.

Give this free delivery code a bash: FWELLB - I don't know if it's first time, or single use, only.  If it works then GREAT, if it doesn't then you'll need to pay an additional £2.80 - unless you have other things to buy and your order goes over £25, delivery is free after that.

Thanks to millarcat at HUKD

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