Lego Harry Potter: The Forbidden Forest £7.23 @ Amazon

Lego Harry Potter: The Forbidden Forest £7.23 @ Amazon


Amazon have a Lego scene from the last Harry Potter book on offer now for 31% off. They’re selling the Forbidden Forest for £7.23 instead of £10.49.

Lynley once asked me if there’s anything Harry Potter doesn’t have merchandising in, and I must say I don’t know. But if you think of something, do or don’t let them know, depending on your feelings on ol’ Harry.  I know some people glad to finally see the back of  the series, but the rest of us have a rather bittersweet sadness over it all coming to an end.

This Lego set  is actually a scene from the final movie, evidenced by the presence of Narcissa Malfoy, Hagrid and Voldemort all present in the Forest, so it’s the scene just before Harry … well, I won’t tell you, in case you haven’t read it or seen the movie.

The set comes with four  minifigures, those three and Harry, as well as such accessories as the wands, snake (which is a bit blah if it’s meant to be Nagini, but fine if it’s just a snake), owl, a mushroom and a spider – it is the Forbidden Forest after all, where those spiders live.

You’ll also find the Lego bits to make a tree and Voldemort’s blue fire.  Added to which, characters such as Hagrid, Narcissa and Voldemort are pretty rare.

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