Lego Giveaway Starts 10th of May With The Daily Mail


Between the 10th and 17th of May, buy the Daily Mail (60p) and use the voucher inside to collect your free Lego set from WH Smiths.

Ah Lego, it never gets old does it? Loved by kids almost with exception, from the 10th of May you’ll be able to claim a free set from WH Smith with tokens in the Daily Mail. Running until the 17th the sets available each day will be :-

Saturday 10th: Spider Glider (30302)
Sunday 11th: Super Secret Police Enforcer (30282)
Monday 12th: Star Wars Imperial Shuttle (30246)
Tuesday 13th: Creator Transport Plane (30189)
Wednesday 14th: City Police ATV (30228)
Thursday 15th: Star Wars ARC-170 Star Fighter (30247)
Friday 16th: Batman Batwing (30301)
Saturday 17th: Batman Tumbler (30300)

Going by previous promotions you need to be at WH Smith as early as possible with your voucher to stand the best chance of bagging a set. Each store has a limited number of sets available and they tend to go fast. Worth it though to grab some free Lego. Make a note and get ready to move on Saturday the 10th of May. Going to try for all eight sets?

Thanks winstonmac at HUKD!

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