LEGO Games 3841 Minotaurus £8.99 @ Amazon

Amazon are selling this LEGO Games 3841 Minotaurus for £8.99 rather than its full price of £17.99.

My youngest son loves to play long as he wins! Ooooh the tears, tantrums and declarations of, "That's not FAIR!  I'm never playing with you AGAIN!" 

I know this phase will pass - I taught my eldest son to play chess and even when he was just six or seven I refused to play soft or just let him win.  My goodness the tears and wailing this caused was unreal but some 11 years on and he plays a MEAN game and doesn't stomp off crying any more on the odd occasion that I beat him.

Edward loves all things LEGO so even though he'll run the risk of losing this LEGO Minotaurus game, I think he'd quite like it; it looks fun!

Based on the Minotaur legend, you have to get your knight(s) to the middle of the maze.  You build the basic maze with the LEGO pieces and then you block your opponents knight(s) by moving the walls of the maze, you can also send in the Minotaur who can move eight places at a time.

There are various ways to change up the game play to suit the time you have available to play and the ages of the little ones you're playing with; awesome, I'm buying it and will brace myself for losing tantrums!

Thanks to winstonmac at HUKD

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