LEGO Duplo Large Bricks Box £15 @ Amazon

LEGO Duplo Large Bricks Box £15 @ Amazon

Amazon are selling this box of large Lego Duplo Bricks again - £15, this time,  instead of £25.99.

I'm disappointed! Amazon have removed the 'Assemby required: yes' notice from their description blurb on the LEGO Duplo Large Bricks Box page - that always made me giggle, can you imagine playing with anything LEGO or Duplo that didn't require any assembly?

Inside the sturdy storage box you'll find 71 large Lego Duplo bricks including a block with wheels for budding car designers, a window for future architects to add to their houses, a chunky mini-figure and a random flower pot, plant type thing.

I'm not sure I'd pay £25.99 for them but £15 is much more of a palatable cost for introducing your child to the delights of building with blocks.

My youngest son spent many happy hours playing with LEGO Duplo before he moved on to standard sized LEGO. He dreamt up all sorts of amazing things to build, his imagination never ceased to amaze me. Me? I just liked building houses or castles, I still do - I think I must be a frustrated architect!

However, there can be time when imagination is, temporarily, lacking so tucked inside this LEGO Duplo Large Bricks Box is a little book of 'inspiration' to help you on your way; fabulous

There is currently an addition two-day delay for delivery, hopefully that won't be a huge drama for you.

Thanks to winstonmanc at HUKD


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