Lego Duplo Farm Nursery £5.69 @ Amazon

Lego Duplo Farm Nursery £5.69 @ Amazon

There’s a rather generous 43% off Lego Duplo’s Farm Nursery set at Amazon at the moment – and this is Amazon, we never know how long it will last!  They’re selling the set at £5.69 instead of the usual £9.99.

We actually have this set, and is rather fabulous. It is aimed at babies from about 1 and a half years to about five years, but the animals are suitable for even younger children in my unprofessional opinion.  They are chunky and don’t contain any loose bits, and I can’t imagine how they’d be a chocking hazard as I doubt you’d fit them in your mouth – although don’t quote me on   that.

The set consists of baby farm animals, including a lamb, calf, foal and kitten and they really are quite cute. There’s also a farm girl figure, and a handful of blocks.

The animals have a notch on them so the farm girl can sit on them Lego-style, and most of the reviewers agree with me that it is a lovely set.

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