LEGO Darth Maul LED Keyring £6.99 @ Amazon

Amazon are selling this LEGO Darth Maul LED keyring light for £6.99.

My youngest son, Edward, went to LEGO Land with his dad a couple of years ago, and he bought me an R2D" keyring which I love, as R2 is my favourite, you see.

I'm rather tempted to buy two of these LEGO Darth Maul keyring lights - one for Edward (because he's a bit of a Darth Maul fan) and one for me (because bright LED lights on keyrings are very handy and a Darth Maul one would just be cool.

There's an LED light in the bottom of each of Darth Maul's LEGO legs, and to activate them you simply press the button on his chest.  Two CR2 batteries power up the LEDs, which come included, as do some great reviews:

Bought my boyfriend one last year and he loved it! Sadly with his work it got slightly damaged, very worn out but he had it in his pocket, being in the building trade didn't help it. The torch works perfectly still after a year haven't changed the battery!  He loves star wars so I had to get him a new one! Which he loves! Great buy for me. 

Brilliant accessory to my car keys, convenient light source so I can see to get in the car, in dark alleys lol!

Happy lighting up the dark (side)!

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