Lego Creator Apple Tree House £27.49 @ Amazon

legoCreatorAppleTreeHouse YIPPPEEE! Amazon have reduced the price of the Lego Creator Apple Tree House again - it's down to £27.49 from £40.99...for now.

The last time Amazon reduced the price of the Lego Creator Apple Tree House it went out of stock pretty damn quick; if you missed out the last time then grab one now and if you weren't looking last time and want one...grab one now!

I've loved playing with Lego ever since I was little and one of the things I always wanted to make was a house, they didn't have the Lego Creator Apple Tree House set back then so we had to do our architectural best and build our Lego houses from scratch.

Just going off on a bit of a tangent for a sec' - did you see the programme with James May the other day where they built a full-size house made entirely from standard sized Lego bricks? I was mesmerised.

Anyway, back to the Lego Apple Tree House.

It has to be the best real estate bargain on the market at the moment as you get three houses in one: a country home, a tall town house and a more relaxed summer holiday home.

The country home has an apple tree outside is full of fun and realistic details, including a working mail box with letters inside, a satellite dish on the roof, a basketball net and lawnmower, opening front and garage doors and a ladder up to the attic.

It's awesomely awesome so don't dawdle if you want one - it'll either go out of stock or Amazon will fiddle with this fab' price.

Thanks to lisa111 at HUKD

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