Lego Creator 6745: Propeller Power Plane £12.19 @ Amazon

Lego Creator 6745: Propeller Power Plane £12.19 @ Amazon

legoCreatorAmazon are selling this Lego Creator 6745: Propeller Power plane for £12.19 instead of £18.99.

This wasn't the first Lego Creator air machine that I looked at this morning; the first thing I came across was this Lego Creator Mini Helicopter (£2.57 instead of £4.99) and THEN I moved on to this Lego Creator 5866: Rotor Rescue Helicopter (£6.89 instead of £9.99).

T H E N I got very excited!

You see, I love LEGO and, as luck would have it, so does my youngest.

We play LEGO often and I've built the Lego Creator Mini Helicopter - it's rather cool, actually, as it doesn't take long to build (which is great for a quick LEGO fix, in all senses of the word) and my youngest has a lot of fun flying it around, making helicopter sounds.

So why all the excitement?  Well, if you we (my youngest and I) had the Lego Creator Propeller Power plane AND the Lego Creator Rotor Rescue helicopter then we could stage air shows, air races and air rescues, which would be AWESOME!

The Propeller Power plane can be made into three different things, including a helicopter and a jet, and the Rotor Rescue helicopter can be built as a plane or a speed boat - six toys, for just two...if you see what I mean.

He has lots of BIG Lego things and is rapidly running out of room for more, so little Lego things (which make fab' stocking fillers - yes, I'm getting fully into thinking ahead about Christmas now) are ideal for us now.

These Lego Creator items are NOT Amazon Deals of the Week so their prices may be subject to a bit of Amazonian fluctuation.

Thanks to CHEAPSTUFFRULES! at HUKD for the original Lego Creator Mini Helicopter tip


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