LEGO Classic Large Creative Box 10697 £33 @ Tesco Direct

LEGO Classic Large Creative Box £33

You cannot go wrong with a box of LEGO! Doesn't matter if you are looking for a gift for a birthday, Christmas or other occasion. Boys and Girls, adults and children all love those brightly coloured building bricks.

Tesco Direct have reduced the LEGO Classic Large Creative Box 10697 from £50 to just £33. What a bargain!

The LEGO Classic Large Creative Box 10697 contains a whopping 1500 pieces. It's not all bog standard blocks in 39 different colours but four different sets of eyes, two types of window and four window frames too.

Boxes of LEGO Blocks mean that kids can literally make anything they like. It's super for firing up those little imaginations.

You can Click and Collect the LEGO Classic Large Creative Box for FREE from a Tesco store near you or pay £3 to have it delivered to your front door.

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  • Scott W.

    Seems alright.

  • Hazel M.

    I'll have a look.Thanks x

  • Emma G.

    Ordered thank you x

  • Jonny B.

    Not bad

  • Hayley D.


  • Laura C.

    Will deffo get that, that can be his main present, I'm in work at the minute will do it when I get home lol

  • Robert H.

    Yea thats a good price

  • Stephen M.

    You can always have more :blush:

  • Leeann H.

    Let's hope it's still on on Thursday

  • Sareena S.

    Thanks will have a look xx

  • Scott A.

    That's big

  • Carl R.

    Bloody hell that's good. How long it on for?

  • Dionne L.

    Fab thanks xx

  • Michelle B.

    Sold out gutted

  • Sam H.

    Sold out :(

  • Laura L.


    • Susan M.

      back in stock

  • Victoria J.

    Sold out already :rage:

  • Tina S.

    Great thanks hun xx

  • Vicki B.

    Just saw this hun. It's a brilliant deal. Tempted.....! Xx

  • Lystra M.

    Thanks lovely! x

  • Laura W.

    Out of stock

  • Sonia W.

    It's awesome xx

  • Terry L.

    Sold out

  • Pauline C.

    Ordered this

  • Natalie D.

    Sold out online :pensive: do they stock these in stores as well?!

  • Jayne W.

    Got through to someone on the phone & they've sold out but thank you xx

  • Heather F.

    That's well good xx

  • Kirsty W.

    Will have a look thanks xx

  • Julie A.

    Brilliant. Just bought one, thanks :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

  • Susan M.

    I just ordered so they must have found some more stock!

  • Nikki O.

    All gone :(

  • Julie A.

    It's a good deal huh xx

  • Lesley E.

    Fantastic deal! :D

  • Jagz P.

    Out of stock :confused:

  • Kayleigh M.

    Looks awesome!

  • Donna S.

    That's a right bargain thanks x

  • Leah K.

    Sold out! Is this in stores?

  • Jodie D.

    Thank u xxxx

  • Lailah P.

    WANT! Can I make a birthday list to Santa??

  • Jackie C.

    Lol whaaaat! I paid 60 something for this just a month ago!

  • Samantha H.

    Sold out

  • Wendy M.

    Oh damn I missed it!

  • Julie M.

    Website under maintenance now :disappointed:

  • Becky P.

    Thanks, just ordered one for my daughters birthday in November :)

  • Stephanie F.

    Thanks just managed to grab one plus free delivery as I pay for delivery saver on my shopping so win win :laughing:

  • 'Beth G.

    I ordered and used tesco vouchers and got it for £25

  • Ellie F.

    Just seen this :grin::grin::heart_eyes: xxx

  • Ellie F.

    I no haha and yes love getting a good deal xxx

  • Megan W.

    Has everyone been able to get these as mine was ment to be delivered today at 3pm and just received a message saying it won't be available until 1/11/16? xx

  • Nicola H.

    Ordered yesterday and ready for me to collect this afternoon x

  • Dean B.

    Yeah we could have hours of fun with all that!

  • Julie G.

    It's a good price just now but don't know how long it will stay that price x

  • Laura K.

    Finally just got one it does say stock is running low so be quick

  • Roisin L.

    Present sorted :raised_hands_tone1::joy:

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