LEGO Classic - Creative Box -10704 £18 @ Asda George

LEGO Classic - Creative Box -10704 £18

You can never ever go wrong buying LEGO for a child. Especially a set from the Classic range. This LEGO Creative Box 10704 is an absolute steal at the moment, as it's reduced from £30 to just £18! This may well sell out, as the Classic range is very popular when reduced in price.

The LEGO Classic - Creative Box contains 900 pieces of LEGO! It's ideal for those children (or adults) that like to build their own ideas and aren't wanting to be restricted to what they can make.

In this set, you'll find LEGO bricks and special pieces like windows, doors, wheels and eyes. This enables you to make buildings, vehicles and much more.

It does come with instructions to help you build some basic models which is good for children that are quite new to LEGO.

Suitable for children aged 4 years old and above.

You can Click and Collect the LEGO Classic - Creative Box -10704 for FREE from an Asda store near you or pay £2.95 to have it delivered to your front door.

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  • Jodie E.

    this is really good price!

  • Cheryl G.

    Yay! I got in there quick & actually got a deal!! My kids will love this! Going to put in Xmas eve box for some fun!

  • Leanne S.

    Haha thanks but we've got plenty all over my floors!! Xx

  • Lorna K.

    I'd be so gutted if I was 100 and couldn't play with this :(

  • Gareth S.

    I want. I can play with it and hunter can watch!

  • Stevie M.

    fab thanks! Hannah will love this x

  • Michelle H.

    Far too much lego in this house!!

  • Kylie T.

    I just ordered one for Callum cheap ain't it z

  • Lia M.

    Yes that's a good price c

  • Debbie B.

    Sold out just tried getting it :disappointed:

  • Lewis W.

    This is awesome where do u keep seein these deals lol xxx

  • Christine S.

    Oh missed it! Someone's bought 20!

  • Alison W.

    Yeah my xmas supply is comming along nicely

  • Pauline D.

    Ano trying to get Dan to get it for jess xmas lol x

  • Kylie T.

    First thing I've brought :see_no_evil: I'm struggling on what to buy them :persevere:

  • Sarah M.

    He's got soooo much now! But thanks

  • Tammy-jane G.

    That's good eh Dylan has that much lego I might open my own lego land, garden style pmsl xx

  • Kylie H.

    Ooh ta! We've got our eye on some ninjago sets for him for his birthday. Xx

  • Aqua T.

    We've got this and the tub. Xx

  • Karen N.

    Seen this :grin::grin::thumbsup_tone2:

  • Lucy N.

    Thanks- sold out now :confounded:

  • Leanne W.

    I managed to get one for Ellie s

  • Caitriona R.

    Wouldn't know where to put anymore lol

  • Lisa W.

    Oooo this looks fab! We have a few of these and he loves them! X

  • Vickie B.

    Eek! :grin: thanks lovely x

  • Hannah B.

    Not. I've just added it to my basket in George. Xxxxx

  • Jason B.

    says out of stock when go to it xxx

  • Charlotte R.

    Brilliant thanks so much! :heart:

  • Jen N.

    :frowning2::frowning2::frowning2: out of stock :-( thanks anyway lovely xx

  • Dan G.

    Out of stock already.

  • Laura G.

    I'll see if I can get it at work xx

  • Sue W.

    It is says out of stock but getting some more in.

  • Diana M.

    Thantp a great deal.working the now so prob be sold out by time I get chance to go on xxx

  • Helen G.

    Out of stock....I was too late,been out and didn't have my phone! X:tired_face:

  • Tracy L.

    may be handy for dude for xmas?xx

  • Daryl C.

    3 for 2 at Argos I’m all over that instead

  • Lauren R.

    Having trouble ordering this, it says it's eligible for delivery to store but then will only let me get it delivered to my address (costing £2.95). Emailed Asda but no help so far

  • Barry P.

    yay just what we need, :thinking:another 900 pieces to be left on the floor to stand on while creeping about turning tv's and lights off :joy:

  • Holly L.

    We got this, it's a pretty big box for £18!

  • Jolene C.

    Im being good. He has 2 boxes for xmas - no more now! Xx

  • Laura P.

    I picked one up instore :thumbsup:

  • Joanne A.

    I have ordered this for my husband and I :joy::joy:

  • Rachel M.

    Yea,,, I'm sure Ste will :heart: helping with this toy :grinning: xxx

  • Jenny L.

    Ill order it for his birthday/xmas x

  • Jean M.

    Aye it looks good they'll love it

  • Laura M.

    Yes I got mine last week but sayin bak in stock x

  • Tiffany L.

    Thank you out of Stock atm though x

  • Jane B.

    Never mind just went back on to order and out of stock!

  • Michael R.

    Says out of stock when you go to buy it x

  • David M.

    Not sure I'll have time to play with it. Delilah might like it though

  • Michael W.

    If its the same as I bought for my great grandson, the peices are tiny, I would,nt buy it again or recommend it

  • Gillian S.

    Thanks hun. .....but it's all gone :sweat:

  • Kim S.

    Saw these in store a couple of weeks ago, but i didn't have the cash.. Went in a few days later and they were all gone... Went in last week and only had 4 boxes so grabbed one while I could... Very pleased as my children haven't got any yet and at a fantastic price... Father Christmas is doing well this year as I got furbys from Argos for £34.99 each also :sunglasses:

  • Leanne B.

    I do not want any Lego in this house again I'm still recovering from the stairs of doom haha

  • Katherine B.

    Ooo great will get that! :grin:

  • Paula M.

    Thanks she's more interested in lego friends and lego Disney tho - rather than the more cost efficient classic lego!!! Typical eh X

  • Lucy B.

    Just ordered a similar one from Asda :slight_smile:

  • Lisa B.

    Thats the one i was on about its massive box

  • Sue W.

    Couldn't get that one but got one with 500 pieces x

  • Nikki T.

    It's not 'Lego' but B&M do a huge box of 1000 pieces for either £10 or £20 (can't remember!!) and the write up says it fits Lego. X But it is just bricks I think no wheels etc :pensive:

  • Sharon L.

    Just been on and it's out of stock!

  • Karly G.

    It's back in stock I have just ordered some x

  • Natasha B.

    :thumbsup_tone2::thumbsup_tone2: that's a bargain!! Xx

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