LEGO City Fire Station £40.99 @ Smyths Toys

If you have a LEGO fan and wannabe fire fighter in your family, you might want to pop over to Smyths Toys and take advantage of their LEGO City Fire Station deal - it's full price is usually £61.99, they'll let you have it for £40.99.

NO LEGO City should be without a fire station, and if you haven't started building your LEGO City yet, building a fire station first seems eminently sensible to me - the fire fighters will be on hand, to help out in the event of various emergencies, as your LEGO City expands.

Your LEGO City fire fighters will be working with the most up-to-date equipment; they will enjoy the generously sized living quarters within the fire station, where they can chill out and relax when off duty and not rescuing cats from trees or putting out fires.

Four fully-trained LEGO fire fighters will crew your fire station; they can operate the 15 inch extending arm on the fire truck, and are equally au fait with the all the other equipement that comes as standard issue kit.

Finally, no fire station would be complete without the obligatory fireman's pole to slide down, allowing you to get to the garage and your fire truck FAST when the alarm is raised.

Thanks to gpar11 at HUKD

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