Lego City Museum Break In £19.99 @ Argos

Lego City Museum Break In £19.99 @ Argos

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Lego City is such a collectable range of Lego, you literally can make your very own giant Lego City out of it. Sometimes you can find the sets with twenty, twenty-five percent off and if you are really lucky you might find something with 30% off. You know us PlayPennies ladies like to find the BEST deals so here we have found the Lego City Museum Break In for LESS THAN HALF PRICE. Yes, that's right it's only £19.99 reduced from £49.99.

If you quite fancy buying one of these Lego City Museum Break In sets then you are in luck as there is availability in Argos' across the UK. I will warn you this will soon change once the word is out on how cheap this set is selling for, so don't dither just get it bought.

This set when made according to the instructions is a Museum Break In scene complete with an Elite Police helicopter. Elite Police Van and Burglar Getaway Van. It comes with heaps of accessories too like a blue diamond and handcuffs.

You can reserve and collect this Lego City Museum Break In set for FREE from your nearest Argos. It's not looking like it's in stock for home delivery but getting one from your closest Argos shouldn't be an issue.

Thanks to leetrgooner @ HUKD


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  • momo0309
    I have tried numerous stores in Scotland and wales and they are out of stock. Typical Argos put on a good deal and stores have no stock.