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Now look, I've done all the Christmas present buying for my youngest, I don't need things like this Lego Champion game to tempt me into buying him any more!

My youngest loves playing with Lego, he has tons of the stuff in most of the various genres; I love playing with his Lego and we could have such fun playing the Lego Champion game but I'm going to stay strong, I'm NOT going to buy it for Christmas.

Maybe I could buy it now, as it's been reduced down to £14.99 from £24.99 (which really is too much of a bargain to let slip by), and stash it away in the cupboard and give to him for his birthday in July; I bought his first Christmas pressie back in July, so it's just a bit of a role reversal.

The Lego Champion game is for between three and eight players aged seven years and older; there are 216 puzzle pieces and the object of the game is get your micro figure around the board before anyone else.

You move ahead by performing tasks which are determined by the colour you roll on the Lego dice; each color corresponds to a particular Lego related task and in the Lego Champion game each task is based on the most familiar of all Lego pieces - the 2 x 4 rectangular block.

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