LEGO Building Fun 5549 £14.99 @ Smyths

If you're looking for something to start off or bulk up your LEGO collection, this collection from Smyths is perfect. It's selling for £14.99 instead of £19.99, making each brick 2.3p which is not bad at all. Shipping from Smyths is £4.99, but click and collect is, as always, free of charge. 

Lego is simply awesome, in my world at least. There's so much variety, so many choices, and an endless variation of things to do with it.

Winner of the 2010 Parents Choice Recommended award, these 600 bricks in a colourful collection that includes pink, red, yellow, brown, light green, green, light blue, white and black bricks, as well as 3 bricks decorated with faces and sloping bricks should provide hours of fun. If the pictures are to be believed, there's also a cat brick, animal eyes and some of those little button 'bricks' that can be flowers or lights or whatever. I'm sure they have a name, I just don't know what it is.

With so many bricks, colours and options, the sky really is the limit.

Thanks to kaz14783 at HUKD

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