Lego Brick Street View Maps

LEGO Brickstreet If you fancy losing yourself in something for the rest of tonight, head on over to the link below to see the world in shades of LEGO. Enter your post code as you will on Google Maps, and you'll be taken to LEGO Brickstreet. Just a heads up: it looks like this may only work from a computer, rather than on a phone.

To be honest, it's not the map you're going to use if you're trying to get somewhere important, as at street view it's pixelated and shows cities and streets that bare a vague resemblance to the area, but it wouldn't be enough to find your way if you were looking for something serious.

For a bit of fun though, it's kind of cute, and at the map level you could certainly find your way around.

So how does your street look on Brickstreet?

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