Lego Annual 2016 £3.99 @ Amazon

Lego Annual 2016 £3.99 @ Amazon

Lego Annual

Every Christmas I buy my boys annuals, it's tradition. My parents always got me one in my stocking and I do the same with my children. It's a book that even non-readers are keen to pick up. If you know a Lego fan then snap up the Lego Annual 2016 from Amazon. It's just £3.99 at the moment and we reckon it's not going to get any cheaper, this side of Christmas.

The Lego Annual 2016 is jam packed with everything LEGO! 64 pages of Lego puzzles, games, quizzes, comic stories and much more.

This 2016 Annual already has two FIVE star ratings on Amazon and it's only just came out. You know it'll be good because everything that is Lego is awesome. Kids love it, adults love it and it's rare to find anyone who doesn't love it.

An annual paired with a selection box is always a good shout when buying for friend's kids and the likes. It's not even a problem if you don't know what they are into, as Lego is a safe bet.

Delivery is FREE on the Lego Annual 2016 if you have Amazon Prime or spend £10 or more on books.


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