Get Your 3D Printed Head For A Lego Minifgure!

Get Your 3D Printed Head For A Lego Minifgure!

Now this is something I wish I had seen before Christmas as it would have made the perfect gift for someone I know. You can get a 3D printed version of your own head made to fit on to a Lego Minifigure!

All you have to do is submit a couple of photos, pay your £20 and Funky3DFaces will print off your very own teeny tiny lego sized head ready to go off on a Lego adventure.

You don't get the minifigure, just the 3D printed head ready to attach to your own Lego, but the possibilities are endless... and I think there will be a fair few Lego fanatics who would be chuffed to bits with a unique gift like this. Or you could always make them into Wedding Cake Toppers.

What do you think? Know anyone who would love these? (Apart from me of course.)

Images from Etsy. (Is that David Beckham marrying Jennifer Lopez?)


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