Freebie: Free Lego With The Sun

legoYou're going to have to get your diaries out for this one; The Sun newspaper are giving away FREE LEGO, but the promotion doesn't start until 14 May which is another week away yet.

  • FREE LEGO offer begins 14 May

Now I would link to The Sun but there's no point because I can't find anything on their website about this promotion so I'm relying totally on the HUKD poster for my info (the announcement was in the back cover of yesterday's TV guide apparently).

I'm already scarred for life having been there for a couple of minutes and I think I'll have to go and have a shower straight after writing this; newspaper snobbery is one thing I have no shame in and The Sun is shameful.

So, you've written FREE LEGO in your diary, on your calendar and entered it into your phone for Saturday 14 May, right?

Excellent; the bad news is you ARE going to have to buy copies of The Sun (if I were you, I'd get someone else to do it for you so you can preserve some dignity with your local newsagent) and collect the tokens.

The FREE LEGO up for grabs is:

  • Star Wars x-wing
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Jack's boat
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Mini Black Pearl
  • Ninjago Ninja glider
  • Ninjago Skeleton chopper
  • Ninjago Dragon flight
  • Pharaoh's Quest Desert Rover

If you get the complete set of FREE LEGO then you'll also be the proud new owner of five minifigures too.

You'll be able to collect your FREE LEGO from Toys R Us or WHSmiths, or you can collect the tokens and send them off with a cheque (I'd imagine) to cover postage.

Now, go and write 14 May in your diary!

Thanks to Mike781 at HUKD

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  • Julian
    That's probably Ninjago rather than Ninjano
  • dee
    paper says you have to collect from store,can you send tokens away as no information saying so
  • Luschka O.
    No, its instore collection only, we found. And if you don't get there early, they're out. We went all the way to Croydon on Sunday to get Saturday and Sunday's and they were already OOS
  • Lynley O.
    The other half has picked up almost the entire set now, in Streatham and Brixton areas I think. Also we've got two of the star wars fighters. They are fabulous.
  • Lynley O.
    ha he just came in now with three more. Two he picked up at various places today while out, and a fifth that a workmate got in a newsagents when the woman in front said she didn't want hers. Bargain!

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