Free Lego Toys (With Daily Mirror Purchase)

Free Lego Toys (With Daily Mirror Purchase)

legoI feel dirty already, and I'm really sorry, but there are FREE Lego toys up for grabs here!

First things first, get your diaries out and make a note to buy the Daily Mirror NEXT Saturday 23 October; next enter it into your mobile phone calendar and set and alarm for it, then write 'buy a certain trashy newspaper on Saturday to get free Lego toys' on several post-it notes and stick them around the house.

The next thing you need to do is plot how you're going to get someone ELSE to buy this fabulous example of highbrow daily journalism on your behalf, so you don't have to endure the shame - you've got six days, including today.

So what's the deal?  There isn't anything to click on for this one - you'll have to lock up your inner-hermit and actually go outside, but for free Lego toys, which will make ace stocking fillers, you can do it!

There are going to be 10 different toys to collect and you need to buy the (news)paper daily to collect a token for each one (the Daily Mirror is 45p and the Sunday Mirror 65p - I reckon there should be a decimal point in those prices somewhere, but still...).

You can either redeem your free Lego toy tokens by post or collect them each day - usually from a Toys R Us or WHSmiths - and people, over at HUKD, who got them last year say they were great.

So there you go - FREE Lego toys...if you can bring yourself, or bribe someone else, to buy the Daily Mirror!

*Digs out  embarrassing photos of the Teenagers to 'persuade' them to go and do the dirty work*

Thanks to barneydog over at HUKD!


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  • jammy0381
    You've got the prices of the Mirror wrong, it's 45p on weekdays, 65p on Saturday and the Sunday Mirror is £1
    • Sarah K.
      Thanks for letting me know - I only know the prices of The Guardian ;)
      • lucinda
        my son has missed a load of the tokens and is really cross with me and wanted to buy the whole set BUT counting today we can only get 7 tokens - how can I get an eighth?
        • Luschka O.
          Lucinda, you could try asking your local freecycle group if anyone has the paper you missed?
          • Robert B.
            Sent for the Leggo sets 1st week in Nov with cheque for £8.99 including the required number of tokens collected from the Daily Mirror. Have not yet received these sets of Leggo. You have not cashed the cheque as of this date today Tuesday 14-Dec. Is their a problem? The address for posting is ******* Admin note - address removed from public view!
            • Lynley O.
              We're not the Daily Mirror Robert. We just report on the special offers and freebies that parents can get out there. If you want answers to your questions you'll need to go to them.
              • Sarah
                Imagine what a quality publication it would be if we WERE the Daily Mirror *wink*
                • Lynley O.
                  Ha ha!
                  • buy s.
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