FREE Lego Monthly Mini Build Thursday 2nd June

FREE Lego Monthly Mini Build

How would your kids like some FREE Lego? It's time for the Monthly Mini Build in Lego Shops this Thursday 2nd June, and this time it's a model sea plane that they get to make and keep for free.

The event is held in stores from 4pm until 6pm, is only for children aged six to fourteen, and is one model per child. You cannot buy the models separately, but each child that attends is shown how to build the Lego sea plane and then gets to take it home with them completely free.

You can't book, and it's 'while stocks last' so keep that in mind before promising the kids anything, just in case.

If it's half term where you are this is an ideal way to keep the kids happy for a while, and for zero pennies as well! It might be busier than usual though, so I'd get there early if you can.

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