Discounts On All Things Star Wars @ Amazon

Discounts On All Things Star Wars @ Amazon

Tomorrow is Star Wars Day! I did consider holding this post back until tomorrow, but I'd hate for the very thing you wanted most to be out of stock - so here it is today.  Happy Star Wars Day for tomorrow!

To celebrate Star Wars Day, Amazon have whipped a load of money off all things Star Wars, including my favourite - LEGO Star Wars.

Just in case you have NO clue what on earth I'm talking about, let me illuminate you:

Tomorrow is the 4th of May; in Star Wars there's a saying, "May the Force be with you!"  The Force, and I'm quoting Obi Wan Kenobi in Episode IV, A New Hope, almost verbatim, is, "an energy field created by all living things, it surrounds us, it penetrates us, it binds the galaxy together." 

Are you still with me? SO, if you change around the 4th of May, to May the 4th, it sounds very similar to 'may the force' - SEE!  (Perhaps I'll save the Revenge of the 5th (that's on Sunday) explanation for another day!).

My husband has still not seen any of the Star Wars movies - we WILL be having a Star Wars fest', soon! - and I had to explain Star Wars Day to him yesterday. I'm not sure he really got it, but at least he'll know why 'Happy Star Wars Day' wishes will be popping up all over his Facebook page tomorrow!

And now YOU know that tomorrow is Star Wars Day, and that you can bag yourself some awesome Star Wars deals, at Amazon, as a result!

Thanks to nimroduk007 at HUKD


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