Creationary £18.74 @ Toys R Us

Toys R Us hold the crown for the 'lowest price for Creationary' at the moment - they're selling it for £18.74, rather than £24.99.  Argos are next in line, with their selling price set at £19.96 - if you were to have a mooch around Amazon, you'd find it up for grabs for a whopping £38!

Creationary was the hot topic of conversation between myself, Edward (my youngest son) and his dad a couple of night ago - basically, think Pictionary but using LEGO pieces instead! - and whether or not it should  make Edward's 2012 Christmas list.

First you need to roll the dice to select a category: vehicles, buildings, nature or 'things'; next, pick a card and build, according to the category, whatever the word on the card is. You have limited time to build a model which will allow your team mate to guess the word on the card.

There are three levels of difficulty, so youngsters can play along with adults.  I've read a fair few reviews and there is a common theme running through them - adults say the game is HARD, whilst their kids are finding it 'easy' .  Some think it's because their adult brains are trying to make it too complicated where the kids just build the bare minimum to get the guess done - interesting, I thought!

Adult difficulties aside, almost everyone comments on the hilarity that's been enjoyed whilst playing; it sounds like a winner for any LEGO fans to me.

Happy Lego model creating!

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