Box Of LEGO Wheels £5.99 @ Argos

Argos are selling this box of LEGO wheels for £5.99, instead of £9.99, with free delivery - you can't collect them in-store, this is an online offer only.

Now, the prospect of owning a box of LEGO wheels will either have you jumping up and down for joy, or utterly bemused as to why on earth anyone would get excited about a box of LEGO wheels - if you're in the latter camp then you obviously don't have lots of LEGO in your house.

If you're a member of the 'jumping up and down with joy' brigade, like me, then you'll have the same MASSIVE box of mixed up LEGO that my youngest has; you, will also know the agony of not having enough of the right wheels to be able to build a 'million-wheeled' monster vehicle!

And even though we know this collection of different LEGO wheels is destined to join the other LEGO bits and pieces in that huge storage box, at least we'll know they're in there somewhere and, for just a few fleeting moments, have enjoyed the sight of them all together in the same place...if only for a little while.

Remember, you can't click and reserve this box of LEGO wheels - delivery is free though (normal delivery charges are £2.95) and your LEGO wheels will be with you in around four days from order.

Thanks to uglybeautyqueen at HUKD

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