Big Truck LEGO City 3221 £15.60 @ Amazon

Big Truck LEGO City 3221 £15.60 @ Amazon


The Lego City Big Truck is 48% off at Amazon right now, (and it’s Amazon, so we really do mean right now!)  Reduced from £29.99 to £15.60, this is a fab little set.

My husband once joked – I hope – that he was going to build us a house out of Lego. So far we’re well on our way to having at least the foundation laid with the amount off Lego and Duplo in our house.  And this Big Truck was the latest addition to our Lego family this weekend, although it cost a fair bit more than £15.60.

Simon Hall left a pretty fantastic review on this on the Amazon site, so Ill paraphrase it a little here:

You get plenty of bricks with this set, two mini figures and a sack trolley.  There’s a tractor cab, which, says Mr. Hall, is nicely detailed with a grill, headlamps, curved roof, wing  mirrors and opening doors, plus steps up to the cab. Insside is a dashboard and mug, plus a bed and flat screen TV.

The cab is plain and yellow, with doors on either side and the stock fits in nicely.

Mr. Hall lists a few annoyances, so have a read of his review before you purchase, but in the end it’s a great big chunk of Lego (39cm to be exact) and comes with plenty of little extras and it’s almost half price. Not a bad purchase, for us, anyway!

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