April Fools We Wish Were True...

adult trunki april fool pm

Yesterday saw so much hilarious fun pranking and joke news, and in most cases you could tell that they were a joke. But... some of them made us soooo disappointed that they weren't real. Here are some that we hope the developers get working on right away! Please?

The Adult Trunki. Kids love the Ride On Suitcases by Trunki, and yesterday morning the company announced that they were doing a full sized adult version. It lookd pretty convincing with a mocked up model, all the dimensions and weights, plus a photo of a fella taking a ride on one. There were plenty of comments from delighted customers wanting to buy them, until someone pointed out the date... so much disappointment! So, Trunki we think you had better get your developers onto this one sharpish!

LEGO Glasses. These looked like the ultimate bit of kit for serious LEGO fans. They seemed a bit like Google Glass tech, and there was a video mock up that showed a pile of mixed up bricks, the wearer saying "Show me 2 x 4 bricks"... and the glasses picking them out on the display! A little less convincing, but such a fun idea. Surely there's something that can be done like this? I'd settle for spec frames made out of LEGO without the tech to be honest.

lego glasses april fool pm

The Pinky Ponk Delivery Drone. No one was convinced by this one, were they? But it looked amazing! It was billed as a new Express Delivery Service for tickets to see In The Night Garden Live where your delivery was done by Pinky Ponk delivery drones. The best bit was that the Pinky Ponk would hover outside your house until you sent a text with the words "Olly Bolly Dob Dob Flower", then the drone would release the tickets. Genius.

pinky ponk april fool pm

Funky Pigeon Chocolate Greetings Card. This one was really annoying - surely these can't be too hard to make! Hurry up Funky Pigeon! I really did think that getting chocolate greetings cards was a new product... until I read the blurb and saw that the choc cards were made with a new CooHooling technology that kept the cards fresh for 28 days and that after 28 days they would self-destruct. Damn. They really are missing a trick with this one. Get them into production now Funky Pigeon! I'm ready to place my order.

funky pigeon april fool pm

And then there was the pretend April Fools Joke that turned out to be real... a BMW dealership in New Zealand ran a front page newspaper ad with an "April Fools Day Special" where you could trade in your old car for a brand new BMW. Joke right? Nope! The first person who took the paper into the dealership with their old car, and followed the instructions was rewarded with a brand new BMW! And the number plate on her new car is NOF00L. :)

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