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legoAtlantis Play have various discounts on various LEGO Atlantis sets at the moment, ranging from £26% up to 44%.

I came face to face with the LEGO Atlantis 'Deep Sea Striker' this evening; it was my youngest's birthday on Sunday and this was one of the presents he was given from someone in his class (he got some seriously awesome presents).

He went nuts about LEGO Atlantis from the moment he saw the first advert for it some while back and no one in the family has heard the end of it since - I'm telling you, as a family we're single-handedly keeping LEGO firmly in the black!

The Deep Sea Striker has been reduced to £12.29, down from £24.99; the LEGO Atlantis 'Atlantis Exploration HQ' is now £27.95 instead of £40.99 and the City of Atlantis is currently being sold for £36.99 instead of £49.99.

There are other LEGO Atlantis sets included in the discounted selection; my youngest will be VERY happy as he's got birthday cash burning a hole in his pocket just now...I wonder if he'll be patient enough to wait for the free standard delivery time!?

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