Kids Freebie: Fabulous Free Face Paints @ Snazaroo

Kids Freebie: Fabulous Free Face Paints @ Snazaroo


Snazaroo make quite a few of the awesome face paints we all use at Halloween and for fancy dress and they’ve now got a special offer going down where you can get a FREE sample right now. This offer is only valid until midnight tonight so get in there!

Ok, here’s how it works. You click on the link, you fill in the form that asks you for a bunch of information such as your address and date of birth and full name, and then you send off for your free sample of face paint.

The site is very slow so please be patient. It’s because the offer expires at midnight tonight and so many people are trying to take advantage of it. So, off you go, get your free Snazaroo products AND get a money-off coupon for your next purchase of Snazaroo products.


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