FREE Entry To Legoland Windsor For Kids With These Names

FREE Entry To Legoland Windsor For Kids With These Names

Fancy free tickets to Legoland Windsor? For their Lego Ninjago Movie promotion anyone who has the same name as one of the main characters from the new movie can get in for FREE!

Anyone calledLloyd, Kai, Jay, Nya, Zane, or Cole can get free entry to Legoland Windsor from 13th October to 30th October, and that includes adults with those names as well as kids.

You do need some proof though, like a passport, birth certificate or driving licence, and any accompanying guests are still full price. Just present your proof of identity at the main entrance when you buy your tickets.

You can see full terms and conditions of the offer here*, just scroll down the page to the 'Guests with LEGO NINJAGO names go free' section.

Know anyone with one of those names? Make sure you let them know!

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  • Caila C.

    Has to be spelt the same to :rage:x

    • Iona W.

      My son cole - to short notice though

      • Rachel C.

        Wow! Cheers mate I'll look into this xxx

        • Rachael H.

          If I could afford the flights we'd be away lol...knew there was a reason I called him Jay :joy::joy:

          • Sophie S.

            I told Kai earlier. He feels all special :innocent:

            • Nic M.

              I saw this.. But it's still over £200 for us to go just for the day ! It's £90 Just for me and Sean then hotel over night , then petrol!x

              • Lisa B.

                and now it's freeeee for him

                • Ellie Q.

                  Sooooo expensive! Such a shame as it would be a good day out as well! :( xx

                  • Suey J.

                    Why are they rounding up kiddos with these names lol!?

                    • Suey J.

                      Ah I see! Ninjago!

                    • Deborah B.

                      I really hope Disneyland do a promo like this! My kids, Mickey, Minnie and Donald would have a great time... :joy:

                      • Jay H.

                        So that I can walk around Lego land on my own? Not a good look lol

                        • Nic M.

                          We went last year for 2 days it's great there! It didn't cost that much if you get a deal but as we've already been were going to give it a miss. If it was closer it would be ok!x

                          • Emma S.

                            I spelt it jae,not sure if it would still count :pensive:xx

                            • Naira A.

                              Ha lots of people are texting me :grinning: just a little to far away though :blush:

                              • Heather P.

                                Excellent for Cole. Wonder if Jacob will pass for Jay?! xx

                                • Lloyd M.

                                  Yaaaaaaasss:see_no_evil: first time my name has been mentioned in a competition thing :speak_no_evil:

                                  • Steph L.

                                    I saw this, the names have gotta be spelt the same unfortunately :confused: poor Jae! Lol! XxX

                                    • Michelle H.

                                      Wonder if my daughter applies as hers is spelt differently!