Fabulous Freebies For Travelling Tots @ Rowntree

BabyRowntree Here we have another fabulous set of freebies that parents will appreciate, especially designed for those long and arduous trips. The official Rowntree site has a ton of activities and colouring pages for free download and printing.

There are twelve pages in total for you to download and print out. Each set has a specific activity designed to keep your kids busy while you navigate the highways and byways of the UK. You can rescue the marooned fruit in a maze, read a bunch of increasingly silly jokes and even play car bingo.

Each of these activities is a downloadable PDF, so you will need to download Adobe Reader in order to start. Fortunately this is also free!  For some of these activities you’ll need a packet of sweets, like the Chewza-Colour game that has you trying to guess a specific colour in exchange for a sweet reward.

BabyRowntree2I’m impressed with the variety of activities they have on offer and the amount of thought that’s gone into them. Well worth sorting out before you leave so you can relax and enjoy the trip without the inevitable, “Are we there yet?”


  • russell
    hi the rowntree link is not working,thanks.
  • Tamsin O.
    Sorry about that! It's fixed now so take a look.

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