Wallis & Dorothy Perkins Launch A Kids Range!

Wallis & Dorothy Perkins Launch Kids Range!

I popped along to my local Dorothy Perkins this weekend and was surprised to see a brand new kidswear section being put out! I asked about a bit and was told that from this week a children's range called Outfit Kids will be launched at various Arcadia retailers such as Wallis, Burton and Dorothy Perkins.

It is already available to buy online. The collection is aimed at boys and girls aged between 18 months and 12 years. Retail prices range from £6 to £45.

The range will be sold in selected Outfit stores, a number of larger Dorothy Perkins and Burton stores, and online via the Dorothy Perkins, Burton and Wallis websites.

Here are a few of the clothing items you can expect to find:

It is also said that a partywear collection will follow later in the season, just in time for your little one's to get their Christmas party outfits!

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  • Nicola T.

    izzy might like this x x x

  • Carly M.

    Like they don't get enough of my money!!

  • Natalie H.

    Great idea but a bit expensive, some of its more than next

  • Samantha L.

    I'm liking this for Amber x

  • Rachel R.

    Really dull stuff. Could get it from a supermarket for a fraction of the price!

    • Elaine T.

      Glad I'm not the only one thinking that! I've got an 8 year old son and dared to hope for something a bit special :/

    • Rachel R.

      It's just miserable stuff isn't it?! For a debut you think they might have pulled something vaguely interesting out the bag. My son is 5 but in 8-9 and it's getting harder and harder to get nice clothes x

  • Elaine T.

    How about no gender options ... just great, well made, comfortable clothes?

  • Clare G.

    Just been looking at this x

  • Michelle G.

    Wow thats really expensive!!! Defo more then next won't be popular at that price

  • Hazel E.

    Boys stuff is boring!!! Why are there only 73 options for boys and 147 for girls really annoys me with most shops just because they are boys doesn't mean they don't want to look good there just isn't as much choice for boys as girls it frustrates me!! x

    • Kim-Georgina G.

      The girls will have random accessories and stuff. But I completely agree the boys stuff is standard and boring and you can get it in a supermarket for less! X

    • Rachel W.

      Totally agree, I gave up looking through...similar prices to Next but nowhere near as nice! X

  • Toni S.

    It's pretty much the same price as adults :open_mouth:

  • Julia P.

    Erm...yeah, not really all that impressed! Nothing stood out that made me think ' that's different, gonna buy that'.

  • Claire P.

    I'm not impressed for the boys

  • Patricia A.

    Not impressed at all expensive and just ordinary

  • Haylea C.

    I just looked for riley. There loads for girls nothing great for boys x

  • Louise M.

    I thought that was just the girls bit to begin with. Lovely bits for girls bit quite pricey I think x

  • Amanda M.

    Ooh il have to have a look!xx

  • Amanda M.

    Girls stuff defo better than boys!!x

  • Helen M.

    Was literally just about to check this website out haha xx

  • Nikki J.

    Bloody hell. Wonder what's there gona be like x

  • Erin D.

    Really...not that nice either

  • Kay B.

    :joy::joy: this is only good news!! X x x

  • Emma F.

    No! Whoop whoop! I wonder if they're going to do mother and daughter outfits? #twinning

  • Emily B.

    I know, I thought the same! Nothing took my fancy though :thinking:

  • Carla T.

    What! This is amazing!!! :heart_eyes: x

  • Emma F.

    Just looked. It seems a bit expensive too. It's River Island Kids prices but not trendy. I didn't see anything I liked for the boys. X

  • Lucy H.

    Have you had a look at them? There's some really cute bits! X

  • Louise W.

    Oh my days! I love it... don't think my bank balance will though! :joy:

  • Emma T.

    Too expensive for me. If I want to pay 25quid for a top I would go to next (and I rarely pay that for me never mind the kids lol)

  • Kayleigh A.

    Some lovely bits but price is a bit much!

  • Kate H.

    Ooh love an excuse to buy kids stuff lol x

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