Stacking Offers On Children's Tops @ F&F

Stacking Offers On Children's Tops @ F&F

Yippee! I love a good glitch and we are pretty sure that this is one. There are some Older Girls' Tops and some Older Boys' ones that are on 'TWO for £6'. When you buy any FOUR of those, another offer kicks in and so the system takes off two lots of discount. So, instead of paying £12, which is how much it should be, you are only paying £8, £9 or £10.

Here are an example of what you can get:

Add two of each of these: Daisy Print Leggings* (from £4) and Sparkle Long Sleeved Top* (£4). That should come to £12, but it comes to just £9 or £10 depending on the sizes you pick.

These glitchy discounts are working on some combinations and not others. You seem to get bigger discounts when adding two of each rather than one. Just pick the ones that catch you eye and have a fiddle about to see what extra savings you can get.

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Thanks to peppa33

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