Save Yourself A Fortune With Amazon Deals Of The Day

Amazon Deals Of The Day

Amazon are always great with their "Deals of the Day"! You can get pretty much anything on there, plus their delivery is super, as are the prices. Now's the time to pick up those post-Christmas bargains, and one way to do that is to shop the "Deals of the Day" on Amazon. You can save yourself oodles of cash...

Amazon Deal of the Day

Amazon have several Deals of the Day, which are discounts on set products, for the duration of 24 hours...

Deals Of The Day for Wednesday 23rd January 2019:

What is an add-on item?

On Amazon, you'll find add-on items, that are things that tend to be really cheap - things under £5 and £10. They can only be purchased when part of an order totalling £20 or more (even if you have Amazon Prime). Add-on items are extremely handy for those of you without Amazon Prime, as they can help top up your order, so you can hit the £20 mark for the FREE delivery.

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  • Carol D.

    that's bloody amazing!!! X

  • Claire W.

    Just ordered for son's birthday! Delivery isn't until after Xmas...

  • Suzanne B.

    Isn't this what Mya wanted

  • Laura B.

    ive got them bigger one tho

  • Sarah H.

    did u not wants for Amelia x

  • Emma L.


  • Kirsty M.

    werent u gonna get 1 4 niamh x

  • Julie S.

    this is the doll I was on about for Aiva x

  • Lauren M.

    ooohh I’ll have to stock up!

  • Carla C.

    we could do with one of these... not for Christmas though :joy:

  • Claire C.

    PlayPennies knows the score!!! :joy::joy:.

  • Lucy C.

    ?? With cord? We have some vouchers :wink:

  • Mark J.

    Slimfast is a waste of money

  • Lucy T.

    omg!! I must resist!! Xx

  • Sarah B.

    check out the reviews, people have put pictures of their results and it looks pretty good

  • Kay W.

    This is what I was going to get x

  • Julie M.

    wooaahhhh just what I want :grin:

  • Lyn N.

    Thanks, I've ordered one x

  • Sarah L.

    Oooo yes it is similar :thinking: xx

  • Chloe S.

    It’s been so long since I tried any?l! Used my Christmas money

  • Polly C.

    I've just ordered too :speak_no_evil:

  • Gabriella K.

    That’s good, I’ll take a look x

  • Katie M.

    Yep bought it from mothercare for £110 thanks tho xx

  • Kate H.

    Can this be used if you haven’t got live yet... or is it to renew your existing one

  • Grace B.

    Cal's got a year with his x

  • Lisa M.

    Lewis got 2 of these for Christmas, great deal! Xx

  • Georgina L.

    Brilliant car seat . I have been using this for my daughter since birth and she is now 14 months and still very comfortable in the seat with plenty of growing room. Easy to fit and great price!

  • Jo B.

    I have this and it's really great. Also got it in a sale last year but not as cheap as this :grinning:

  • Carley S.

    I have one of those. They are amazing, had 2 other pushchairs but gone back to this. So small and easy on the bus, in shops. Wish I hadn't wasted money on the others.

  • Nikki G.

    it's a deal of the day so will end soon xxx

  • Claire W.

    we should look into this

  • Leanda C.

    That bottle warmer alone saved my life during night feeds :raised_hands:

  • Chantelle G.

    Aww good I seen the price haha good bargain like xx

  • Helen S.

    Everyone needs a disco light in their life!

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