Heads Up: Up To 70% Off Sale Starts Wednesday 13th January @ Boots

70% Off Starts Tomorrow!

It's what we have all been waiting for... 70% off those Christmas Sets at Boots. A few of you have contacted us to say that it'll be starting in stores tomorrow, and we are inclined to believe this as it works out to when they normally start it. I'm excited, you're excited but what time does it all kick off. It will be on as soon as your Boots store opens, that could be 8am or 8.30am. Check that out before you make that special journey.

It will be online too, and rumour has it that it will start around 4am tomorrow morning. We cannot guarantee this though, as Boots are very hush,hush about it all.

I have my eye on this Ted Baker Brilliance of Beauty Set* and I am hoping it is much less than it's current £22.50 price tag.

This is all we know at present but should we find out more, we will be sure to let you know.

Thanks to daisyb212

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  • Summer01

    are boots having the perfume on 70 percent off 

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