Select FREE No Rush Delivery With Amazon Prime, Get A FREE £2.99 Pantry Credit

FREE £2.99 Pantry Credit With No Rush Del

Have you got Amazon Prime? If so you may have heard of Amazon Pantry. It's a grocery service run on the Amazon site, with items at the cheapest supermarket prices.

Normally, they charge £2.99 for the first box of your order, delivered. You can fit a fair whack into one box. Just now they have this great offer on... opt for FREE No-Rush Delivery when purchasing anything on the Amazon site and get a £2.99 Amazon Pantry credit to use against delivery costs.

Amazon will automatically apply the credit to your account once your order is dispatched. Just like what they did with the digital music credits a little while back.

You can use your credit by visiting* or the Amazon app. All you have to do is choose your items, and Amazon will automatically apply the credit at checkout.

Note this is only available to customers in the United Kingdom.

Your order with No-Rush Delivery will arrive in 3 - 5 business days. This No-Rush credit expires on May 22, 2016.

Thanks to GHAZI786

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