Playpennies Have ALL The Dates For The 25% off TU @ Sainsbury’s (Until 2017!)

1 April 2016
Sainsbury's 25% Sale Dates Until 2017!

We do love a bit of inside info here at Playpennies and that's exactly what we've got here for you from our awesome Sainsbury's insider. Not only do we have all the dates for the 25% off TU Clothing right up to the end of 2016, we even have the dates for the first one of 2017!

Those dates are :

22nd to 28th March 2016

20th to 30th May 2016

16th to 22nd August 2016

20th to 26th September 2016

25th to 31st October 2016

29th November to 5th December 2016

16th to 22nd February 2017

It's a cracking time to stock up on Christmas pyjamas for the kids* or Christmas jumpers* for the whole family with 25% off. LOVE this Star Wars Snowflake* jumper and that's only £13.50 right now with the 25% discount.

We know loads of you look out for the summer promo to stock up on school uniform for the new school term but, as last year, it looks like parents in Scotland will miss out a little as my own daughter's school returns on August the 17th, sort it out please Sainsbury's!

The other date that caught my eye was the promo in October, there's nothing worse than getting organised early with those Halloween outfits only to see them with 25% off a week or so later.

Bookmark this link as it's definitely handy info to have and thank you so much again to our Sainsbury's insider.

If you have any inside info of your own please feel free to get in touch anytime, either by emailing us or messaging us on our Facebook page, If you wish to remain anonymous that's completely fine!

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  • Sarah S.

    , also thus page is fantastic if you're not already a member xx

    • Hannah D.

      Thanks hun that's fab xxx

  • Claire R.

    Aww man I missed the one this week! :see_no_evil: xx

  • Charlene M.

    I'm going again In May thank u!! Loving my new pjs if they have more I'll buy 2nd pair in dif style :) xx

  • Denjohn

    Do you know when the next 25% off wine is.? 

  • Janice

    it's gr8 being able to know about TU clothing discount sales just love the clothes

  • Lena P.

    Thank u

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  • Ellie C.

    Any idea when the Asda or Tescos baby events are on next?

  • Rosaleen S.

    thank you.x

  • Rebecca L.

    Oooo thanks lovely x

  • Lottielou86

    i think the august date may be wrong. Ive seen a different date somewhere else 

  • Noreen B.

    as if we're not already skint enough x

  • Marie B.

    Thanks so much!! X

  • Marie B.

    Fab!! :grinning:

  • Debbie P.

    Another wee trip lol :sparkling_heart:

  • Georgina L.

    we were only talking about this today!

  • Leanne B.

    , 1 a month up until December :grinning:

    • Lisa B.

      Aww brilliant best get some money put aside each month x

  • Gemma A.

    Bloody hell iv just put an order in today totalling over £100!

  • Alison S.

    , , kids clothes or boots for winter x

    • Leanne N.

      Great and dates to end of year x

  • Rachel B.

    this will be better than the asda sale

  • Holley J.

    They've only just had this offer a few weeks ago

  • Claire S.

    Thank you! Well spotted! Looks like I'll be going next week then!

  • Nikki R.

    just what we wanted a list of dates

  • Vicky G.

    Thanks for the heads up, need to stock up on winter bits x

  • Laura M.

    Yes!!! I want so much lol

  • Sue N.

    Oh nice little pick me up shopping

  • Kathryn M.

    Ah man I just bought baby grows. Might take them back haha x

  • Samantha H.

    I love sainsbury s clothes for ava. This Facebook page is one to watch esp. With kids

  • Chloë B.

    wow! We know how to live! Tu clothing and a cuppa. Omg! I can't contain myself. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:x

  • Hannah W.

    The week I'm off too!!! That worked out well xx

  • Clare G.

    Do you know when doing the double up points again ? They never seem to advertise this x

  • Melissa L.

    Thank you lovely xx

  • Lyndsey B.

    Brilliant! Xx

  • Louise M.

    Yayyyyyyy. X

  • Kimberley A.

    I'm happy - the new Winnie pooh range for Thomas is too cute. I need it

  • Sarah P.

    Ooooh that's brilliant! Ha! I'll see you at all of them then :wink: x

  • Carrie B.

    Thank god for that Kaylam is in need of new jeans lol x

  • Hayley S.

    Thanks lovely x

  • Shelley S.

    Thanx xxx

  • Amy G.

    Oo thanks! :wink: xxx

  • Dawn N.


  • Tayla C.

    Is it toys as well or just clothes?

  • Jenny S.

    clothes... toy one is usually October time

  • Chesc09

    is the toy sale one in October? 

  • Lucy E.

    Yay! Hopefully pick up a few xmas presents. x

  • Rebecca L.

    That's good saw some nice jumpers earlier x

  • Sara H.

    Wow thanks hun, just hope they still have her size in the outfit I'm after x

  • Shelley A.

    :smile::smile: 25th oct yeah i'm set xxx

  • Becki M.

    We have to go on Wednesday!. X

  • Fran M.

    next one is payday week too! Woop! X

  • Maureen D.

    It's always on line at the same time as in store but they don't usually have the range they do in store

  • Georgina C.

    Brill thanks - will have a look at the next one x

  • Lois W.

    Excellent! I'll wait till next week then. Thanks hun :kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes:

  • Anita M.

    I need to know... Seen some winter boots I want

  • Teresa D.

    I think the toy sale is this week I am sure it's the 19th

  • Jenna H.

    Might bump into u in sainsburys :joy::joy:

  • Rachel B.

    Is the toy sale still on?

  • Lucy C.

    Oh good I'm going to take a look tomorrow. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Shelagh H.

    Oh I will have to try and go :smiley: xx

  • Karis J.

    Damn! Spent loads there last week too!

  • Rachael S.

    What time does it start? X

  • Sarah M.

    how long does it last for???.x

  • Hannah M.

    Need those tops that we seen:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Francesca P.

    I've just been there today and got Fletchers coat!!

  • Toni W.

    This is always dangerous!

  • Laura S.

    Think I'll nip in and get some bits I need xxx

  • Holly M.

    Well done I've got my eye on the camel coat in there too! Xx

  • Roberta S.

    Yessss, knew it! Thanks love xxx

  • Lauren S.

    I know where we are going in the morning! xxx

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    Yay. .cheers for the heads up!

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    Always do such nice stuff in there too xxxxxxxxxxx

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    Thanks! Looks like the credit card will take a beating. X

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    Yeah saw it mite pop in on wed or 2moro after work lol xx

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    Wish I had some money lol xx

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    I've been waiting for this! :thumbsup: xxx

  • Kirsten F.

    Got a very cute Christmas outfit in! X

  • Lynn T.

    Have to pay a visit I think!

  • Laura H.

    Oh really? Will have to have a look!! X

  • Lauren H.

    Bloody typical i spent a fortune on clothes for Alfie in there last week :joy: x

  • Kim I.

    Ah gutted Lauren!! I went in last week and saw loads of nice things I wanted to get for Seth but thought I'd wait in the hope there'd be one of these 25% off weeks. Glad I waited. Xx

  • Hayley M.

    I love the clothes from Sainsbury's really good quality will be stocking up Jacobs grown lately xx

  • Lisa I.

    wish id known spent a lot today in there

  • Helen C.

    Woohoo tiny baby clothes xxx

  • Terri H.

    They have gorgeous xmas jumpers!!

  • Joanne R.

    It's not long finished as well

  • Charlotte W.

    Get shopping tomorrow night :laughing: xxx

  • Jennamaddison10

    Been online and there is no TU 25% off does anyone know when this will be? Xx

    • Angel71

      The 2016 25% definitely starts on 29th I have phoned the store and they told me. 

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