Yankee Candle Limited Edition Large Jar £18.72 Delivered @ Amazon

Yankee Candle There's a whopping 6% - yes, that's sarcasm - off the Bunny Cake Yankee Candle at Amazon right now, making it £18.72 delivered. While it's not an amazing price, it is the cheapest around at the moment, and it's the 'right' candle for Easter time, if you're a Yankee Candle fan.

So what exactly does bunny cake smell like?  According to the Amazon blurb, it smells like sugary coconut, creamy vanilla and bright citrus. Hmmm... delish.  It's limited edition too though, so you'll have to get it while you can.

We know Yankee Candles don't really come cheap, but if you want to go the full distance with the aroma and atmosphere come Easter weekend, this is the way to do it, I'm told.

So, Yankee Candle fans... will you be getting this one?

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