Yankee Candle Exclusive Trio Valentine's Tumbler £12.99 @ Clintons

Yankee Candle Exclusive Trio Valentine's Tumbler £12.99 @ Clintons

I am a huge Yankee Candle fan and am always on the look out for new lines. I got very excited when I saw this gorgeous Yankee Candle Trio Tumbler for sale at Clintons!

This is an exclusive tumbler that has been released for Valentine's Day and is only available for a limited time. Don't hang around if you want to order, this will sell fast!

This tumbler is a single wick candle with up to 45 hours burn time. What makes it so special is the fact you get three different scents layered in one candle!

The top layer is Buttercream, the middle layer is Red Velvet and the bottom layer is Chocolate Layer Cake. The fragrances compliment each other really well and would make a gorgeous gift. You can get this trio tumbler for just £12.99 at Clintons.

Delivery is £3.49 unless you spend £30, then it's FREE!


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  • Katrina R.

    Its not that new, i got one last year x

    • Kelly S.

      Just thought that as the reveiw on it is from last year x

      • Louise F.

        I was going to write the same! I got one too!

      • Denise H.

        I've got that from last year

        • Stacey S.

          Oooh thanks il have to get one x

          • Polly M.

            I saw it before. Doesn't it look nice! I really want it xx

            • Lyn O.

              Buy it for Liam :joy:he will like it xx

            • Jayne D.

              OMG red vvvvelvet :confounded: bet that smells divine :heart_eyes::joy: xxx

              • Sarah P.

                Surely it's the sorta gift a man who buy a woman therefore it willnt sell out till 13th February seeing as most man wait till the day before to start shopping #lastminute :joy:

                • Alan S.

                  I would have that. Well I can wish !!!

                  • Grace P.

                    It's not new was out last year :joy::joy::joy::joy:

                    • Lynn S.

                      Ohhh i seen this earlier too

                      • Debbie C.

                        Really??? Lets get xmas and New yr over with first!!!

                        • Laura D.

                          I'd rather have the red velvet cake to eat than smell xx

                          • Stacey T.

                            I seen this earlier. Sure I've seen it before xx

                            • Sarah G.

                              Bet this smells amazing!!!

                              • Terri-Leigh H.

                                thankyou my lovely apprecite it xxxx

                                • Jes P.

                                  It's gawjus I got it last year comes in a box too looks soooo pretty xxx

                                  • Karlie D.

                                    I wanted this last year but it sold out. Xx

                                    • Jeannie S.

                                      Oh no bet is really sickly

                                      • Jayne C.

                                        :heart_eyes: looks like il be buying me self it lol

                                        • Vikki M.

                                          Oooo pressie to myself for valentines sorted :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:haha bad influence xxx

                                          • Yla H.

                                            This came out last year! Defo not new.