Vileda Power Scourer Review


Aaargh! I hate domestics. It’s just not my thing, and there’s simply nothing worse than washing dishes. I love dinner parties, and can cook up a storm for any occasion but then come the dishes.

If you can get past the dirty water, there’s the disgusting scourer with bits of roast stuck to it. Yuk.  Of course what makes it even worse is that I can never use a scourer twice so it ends up in the bin after one use.

Enter Vileda’s Power Scourer

It is as effective as the traditional scourer but because it doesn’t have any of those ‘loop’ things, nothing gets stuck in it which means I don’t have to bin it! I’ve been using the same scourer for over a month and it’s still in pretty good condition.

The Vileda Power Scourers come in two styles: the Non Scratch Power Scourer and an Extra Power Scourer.

Post family roast – think Christmas, folks – the Extra Power Scourer is fantastic, because it has a great grip, meaning you can really put some effort in without having bits of sponge coming off, or ending up with gunk under your nails. The abrasive bits don’t get blocked with burnt stuff either, and it’s quick and easy to rinse it all off, and start again.

The Non Scratch Power Scourer is great for ceramics and glass as you get the easy cleaning – and it really is quite easy, assuming you haven’t left the dishes to get too terribly hard. Apparently it has a 3D ‘structure’ which means you need less pressure to clean.

All in all, considering it’s for one of my least favourite tasks, the Vileda Scourer range is really great, and makes dull and sometimes gross cleaning so much easier, more hygienic and sustainable.

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