Up To 35% Off Slot-Sided Picture Frames For Kids @ LittleBird

Up To 35% Off Slot-Sided Picture Frames For Kids @ LittleBird

It's that time of year when the kids bring oodles of work home from school. What do you do with it? I dispose of 80% of it and get the kids to blue-tack the rest on the wall in their room.

Now that I have discovered these Slot-Sided Picture Frames, their pictures will look even better.

LittleBird are selling these Slot-Sided Picture Frames with discounts of up to 35% off.

Show off your children's artwork with these Slot-Side Picture Frames - they are suitable for A4/A3 Artwork and can accommodate those 3D pictures too.

If Granny, Aunt Mabel or anyone else has a birthday coming up, then why not give them this frame with some of the kids' finest pieces.

Prices are as follows:

  • £12 for a A4 Single Frame which is 27% off.
  • £15 for a A4 Double Frame which is 32% off.
  • £18 for a A4 Triple Frame which is 35% off.
  • £15 for a A3 Single Frame which is 32% off.

Postage is £4 per order.

Unlike other LittleBird deals, you don't need a code to redeem on a third-party site. Your Slot-Sided Picture Frame will be sent direct to you following your purchase on LittleBird.


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    These are fab!

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      Love these

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        how cool are these :thumbsup::wink:

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          Aw i love these x