Twister Beach Towel £12.89 @ Firebox

Twister Beach Towel £12.89 @ Firebox

twisterBeachTowelIf you love Twister - and who doesn't! - then you need to be the proud owner of this Twister beach towel; Firebox are selling it for £12.89instead of £21.49.

I've always loved playing Twister - I think it's even more fun playing it as an adult, after a couple of glasses of wine, than it was playing it as a child.

I've been wracking my brains to try and think when I first played it; I'm fairly sure it was with my cousins during one of our, now infamous, family Boxing Day parties.

I also have a bit of a thing for towels; plain ones in different colours for the different bathrooms, dark ones specifically for drying down muddy dogs in the winter and BRIGHT ones for the beach - you can't have plain and boring beach towels, it's just not right!

You'll be the envy of all other beach goers who'll wish they TOO had a Twister beach towel, complete with inflatable dice to tell you which move you must make next - OH yes, you can actually play Twister as well as dry yourself off after a dip in the sea!

It measures 128cm x 158cm and I WANT ONE!

It's currently in stock at Firebox and they won't charge you a penny for delivery; marvellous.

Happy Twisting!


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