Turn Off Your Straighteners Door Mat £7 @ Matalan

Turn Off Your Straighteners Door Mat

Oh my days I know so many ladies who need this door mat, including myself! This is the perfect reminder to switch off those hair straighteners when you are leaving the house!

This slogan door mat is available at Matalan for just £7, it is brand new in and I am sure it is going to sell fast!

Whenever I leave the house I have the fear... you know, the one where you doubt whether you did in fact switch off your hair straighteners! Well worry no more as this fun door mat can serve as a gentle reminder to check them BEFORE you leave the house!

You can Click and Collect your order for FREE from a Matalan store near you, or pay £3.95 for Home Delivery.

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  • Emma C.

    you need this

  • Debbie B.

    God I soooo do, might look on amazon for one :joy::joy: xx

  • Rachel D.

    In fact you could have a hallway runner with a list on! :joy::kissing_heart:

  • Nicola J.

    we need this soon lol xx

  • Claudia W.

    I did the same yesterday :rolling_eyes::joy:

  • Sian P.

    Haha i needone jow for a list of stuff the babies need xx

  • Darren J.

    I still want the Captain America one.

  • Heather G.

    I do need these. I need one for the iron aswel. Xx

  • Kelly S.

    Haha I needed this a few years ago!! I don’t think I even own straighteners now :joy:

  • Laura W.

    And a matt for inside door saying "read door matt"

  • Nicola H.

    But I will have now taken a pic :wink::joy::joy::joy: xxx

  • Shell S.

    Do they have a 'have I locked the door as well?' one

  • Kathryn M.

    Every single day I run up and check even when I know they are turned off AND unplugged :joy::joy::joy::joy:

  • Lynn T.

    Defo need one of these mats :joy::joy::joy:

  • Amy A.

    I have just shown that to John as you commented :joy: am I that bad xx

  • Amy F.

    think you’ll have to get one like hah! xx

  • Lynnie L.

    This is me for sure :see_no_evil::joy: x

  • Kelly F.

    Every. Time. :information_desk_person_tone2:‍♀️

  • Lauren B.

    Aurora now does these checks with me! I’m terrible! xxx

  • Matthew D.

    I had to come home from work one time because of this! X

  • Ebony C.

    Hahaha yeah :joy::joy::joy::joy:

  • Kim L.

    Yes you defo do!! :joy::joy:

  • Roisin W.

    Omg I so do!!

  • Julia H.

    Me..Its the bane of my life!:sweat_smile:

  • Rory H.

    You so need this! :joy: xx

  • Stephanie H.

    Haha I definitely need this! I went back home after the school run and it was off! :see_no_evil::see_no_evil: I even told myself that I knew it turned it off but still had to go back! Xx

  • Kasey B.

    :joy::joy::joy: yes you need one of those lol

  • Nicole S.

    I need this hahaha:joy::joy:

  • Claire W.

    I’m getting a complex your the 2nd person to tell me I need this :joy::joy::joy:xx

  • Alex H.

    :joy::joy: get it bought lmao xx

  • Natasha D.

    Oh don't.. ....think I need help !!

  • Vicky F.

    didnt have them at uni! Its been a constant worry since Ive had them, I have to get Fin to check I've done it (even though supposedly they turn themselves off after 20 mins) x

  • Greg M.

    You need to take a picture of them before you leave!!

  • Charlotte A.

    I need a neon flashing light to remind me! :see_no_evil:

  • Lesley T.

    Would you believe I used to be worse. Maybe since I don’t use them as much I can’t forget! :joy: xxxx

  • Richard C.

    Turn the iron off more like :grin:

  • Lucy S.

    Definitely need that

  • Carolyn L.

    Haha i need one on every stair too then a door mat.. I'm terrible xxxx

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